Komunikacijske vještine


The textbook has several different purposes. Students of the Communication skills at the Technical Polytechnic University in Zagreb should use it as preparation for direct teaching, or for compensating missed exercises and preparing for the seminar, and want to learn more about some topic processed in the classroom. Students of other studies will serve as an additional source of information, teachers of similar subjects will of course be interesting to stutter in the classroom of their colleagues, while those who are not included in any of the formal educational process by the textbook can be used for information purposes or as a manual. However, as communication skills are primarily a matter of experience and feelings, and only afterwards theoretical knowledge, the textbook can not be used as standalone teaching content, but it should be combined with live instruction.


However you decide to use my textbook, be sure to try out the acquired knowledge and experience in practice. Study the non-verbal communication with the workers you meet in the tram and teenagers sitting on the bench in the park, listen to your teachers and analyze the faults and virtues of their lectures. Apply Aristotle’s three basic categories of recruiting skills at the exam or at work. The next time someone surprises you with a question, hold a briefly improvised exposure to the proposed structure. Write a final, graduate, professional or scientific work … And most of all, enjoy the magical world of the study of human communication!