Komunikacijske vještine


The choice of the seminar paper topic is made individually and in agreement with the lecturer. The paper should have 1,800 to 2,200 words, excluding the bibliography’s word count. Seminar papers containing more or fewer words will not be accepted.

At least three different academic sources of information should be referred to in the paper, and if needed various non-academic sources, too (websites, Wikipedia, etc). Whenever a non-academic source is used, it is necessary to demonstrate its relevance for the topic and to assess its credibility.

All citations in the seminar papers must be adequately marked. Unmarked citations are regarded as the attempt of plagiarism. The seminar paper with unmarked citations of other authors will be rejected, the student will not obtain the lecturer’s signature and will have to enrol in the module again the next academic year.

All citations must follow the instructions for citing the professional literature in graduation theses, which can be found on the Zagreb Polytechnic web pages.

Procedure of writing seminar paper

Students who want to write a seminar paper should contact the lecturer and propose a topic. Only after the lecturer has accepted the topic, the student can start writing the paper.

While writing the seminar paper, students can ask for advice either orally or by email. The lecturer will not read unfinished seminar papers and will not comment on the finished seminar papers via email.

Procedure of handing In seminar paper

Seminar paper is handed in in a paper and electronic form.

At least two working days before handing in the seminar in the paper form, the student is obliged to send its electronic copy to the lecturer’s email address.

The lecturer will check the electronic copy of the seminar paper by the plagiarism detection software.

If the seminar paper is authentic, the lecturer will evaluate the paper copy and store it in the archive.

Evaluation of seminar paper

Seminar paper which is handed in to compensate for the missed classes can be evaluated in either of the two marks as follows:

  • pass and
  • fail.

Seminar paper which is handed in to improve the grade can be marked in points from 0 to 10.