Komunikacijske vještine

Internet etiquette

Since our early age we have been learning proper manners at home, at the table, in the street, at school… The rules of polite behaviour make our everyday life easier and represent one of the basic features of human society. Modern man spends more and more time on the Internet, and as the cyberspace
is considerably different from the physical space, the rules of conduct on the Internet, known as the Internet etiquette, network etiquette or netiquette, have been fast developing in the past fifteen-odd years.

If you want to find out more about netiquette, take a look at an example of Croatian website which deals with those issues. To be able to set what you have learnt into the international context, take a look at an international website, too.

The students attending the Communication Skills classes are expected to consistently follow the codes of the netiquette in communication with each other and with their teachers. The sooner you accept the netiquette as a normal part of your behaviour on the Internet, the more successful your communication will be.