Komunikacijske vještine


About twenty people directly and many more indirectly took part in the project of creating this textbook. It lasted around half a year – and it is obvious that such a big project could not have been accomplished in such a short span of time had not we had the top quality associates.

We are immensely grateful for fruitful cooperation in creation of this textbook and successful finishing of this project to the following:


Bojan Marjanović, a trainer and mentor of Croatian Debate Society, for useful advice and provided materials.

Petar Bezjak, the secretary general of Croatian Academic Debate League, for precious discussion and provided materials.

Dean Krivašić , an actor, for theoretical and practical assistance in devising the practical classes.

Amadeo Theatre and Music Company, for organisational assistance in devising the practical classes.

Our colleague Vida Senci from the Office for International Cooperation of the Zagreb Polytechnic, for holding preliminary exams during the filming.

e-kako.hr portal, for hosting in the course of making the textbook.

Branko Kunovac, the timetable maker at the Zagreb Polytechnic, for benevolently meeting our belated requirements for classrooms.

The firm Alfa producent d.o.o. (Ltd.) for recording and editing services.

The firm imalnar.com, for technical support service.

Association for promotion of information technology, Daj dizajn, for successful visual design of the textbook.

Administration of the Polytechnic of Zagreb, for generous support during the textbook preparation.


We are grateful to all students of the Zagreb Polytechnic in the academic year 2011/2012, for the patience they showed while we were researching the best delivery methods of practical classes in the Communication Skills module. We are particularly thankful to the students who in any way participated in realisation of this textbook. Without you, this project would simply be impossible.