Komunikacijske vještine

Advanced non-verbal communication

Goal of the practical class

The goal of the practical class is to analyse and raise awareness of our own and other people’s non-verbal communication, to start the process of separating non-verbal from verbal communication, and to keep control over our own non-verbal messages.


Prior to the class attendance, students should study theoretical background of the practical class.

Delivery method

Students individually come out in front of the group and speak about various everyday topics, while the rest of the group along with the lecturer analyse their body language. The students themselves choose the topic; usual topics vary from description of someone’s day to the plot of a recently seen film.

While one student is speaking about the selected topic, the other students throw him a small ball. The student should catch the ball and return it to the audience without interrupting his speech. In this manner the student should separate verbal communication (concentration on the topic he speaks about) from the non-verbal (concentration on catching and throwing the ball). After several minutes the speech is interrupted, and the students and the lecturer together comment on the observed body language.

At the end of the class, the students and the lecturer together comment on the gained experience. Judging a potential benefit from the practical class for their professional and private development, the students in cooperation with their lecturer give a critical review of its successfulness.


Theoretical background