Komunikacijske vještine

Stand alone debate

Goal of the practical class

The goal of the practical class is to hold a debate without the presence of the lecturer. Basic skills of the independently held debate are practised, the knowledge and skills acquired in the Communication Skills module are analysed and connected with the basic characteristics of engineering.


The topic of the practical class: Should the Communication Skills be compulsory module at the professional studies of the Zagreb Polytechnic? Prior to the class attendance, the students should prepare to discuss the topic.

Delivery method

The lecturer comes to the class, greets the students, explains the task and leaves the room.

The students choose some of the debate formats practised in the previous classes. One or more students take(s) the role of moderator(s). Using the selected format, the students discuss the above mentioned topic.

When they have finished, they invite the lecturer into the room and show him the results in brief, and then the students and the lecturer together discuss the experience of independent work and the debate results.


The students independently choose the debate format, the moderators, the teams composition, the furniture arrangement and other elements of the practical class.


Theoretical background