Komunikacijske vještine

Communication with the teacher

There are several communication channels between students and lecturers. Recommended channels are lectures, practical classes, consultations, website of the module and email.

Lectures / practical classes

Students can approach the lecturer and ask questions after every lecture or practical class.


Consultations are held as arranged with the lecturer.

Website of the module

Website of the module (web page of the module on moj.tvz.hr) is an official communication channel between students and lecturers. Students are obliged to regularly visit the website of the module and read the news. It is the students’ responsibility not to miss the announcement posted on the website. The excuses such as I have not seen the information are not accepted.


Students can contact the lecturer by email which must be sent from the TVZ mailing-system. In other words, the lecturer will reply only to the messages in the form of sender@tvz.hr. To prevent unwanted emails and preserve the sender’s identity control, the messages sent from Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and other services will be ignored.

The subject of the message should include the abbreviation of the module and the topic, e.g. COMSKILLS: Seminar. Those that do not have such form of the subject will be ignored for the sake of prevention of unwanted emails.

Before sending a question by email to the lecturer, the student has to study the website of the module and this textbook, and check if the required information can be found there. The questions to which the answers can be found on the website of the module or in this textbook will be ignored.

Communication manners

Communication between students and lecturers should have the features of business communication. Greetings at the beginning and at the end of the e-mail and other features of business communication must be respected by both students and lecturers. Messages not written in accordance with good manners of business communication will be ignored, and in case of more serious breaching the rules of netiquette that will be sanctioned. More on writing business emails can be found on various websites, for example Posao.hr (in Croatian).

Lecturers of the Polytechnic of Zagreb hold lectures in several modules and studies. Remember to write in the first sentence of your email the module you are attending, your full name, the course and the year of the studies, and the reason for contacting the lecturer. To answer the question such as Do we have a lecture tomorrow?, the lecturer should know which module, department and the year of the studies it refers to. Otherwise it could cause misunderstanding and unnecessary exchange of further emails. Messages which do not include all required information will be ignored.