Komunikacijske vještine

Subject grading methods

Knowledge and skills acquired in the Communication Skills module are tested through three preliminary exams, and their average grade makes the final grade of the module. To get a higher grade, the students can write additional seminar paper which brings between zero and ten points, or take an oral exam in which they can improve for two levels the grade obtained through other grading elements: from fail (F) to good (C), from sufficient (D) to very good (B) and from good (C) – and very good (B) – to excellent (A).

Final grade includes the following elements:

  • regular attendance and activity in the lectures and practical classes,
  • knowledge shown in the preliminary exam,
  • knowledge shown in the exam (optional).

The grade in the module is based on the following elements:

Elements Points
Regular attendance and activity in the classes 10
The 1st preliminary exam results 30
The 2nd preliminary exam results 30
The 3rd preliminary exam results 30
Total 100+10

The points required for the final grade:

50 – 59 points sufficient (D)
60 – 74 points good (C)
75 – 85 points very good (B)
86 and more points excellent(A)

The students who did not take one of the preliminary exams will have compensation exams organised, and those who missed more than one preliminary exam will have to write a seminar paper and to take an oral exam.


The grade obtained through preliminary exams can be written in the students’ gradebooks only in the first examination period.