Komunikacijske vještine


Damir Boras finished grammar school in Zagreb in 1970, graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb in 1974 and received PhD from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb , in 1998. Between 1975 and 1984 employed at Reference Centre, University of Zagreb, as the information system coordinator. Employed at Department of Information Science, the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, as assistant and senior assistant (1984-1999), assistant professor (1999-2003), associate professor (2003-2006), full professor (2006-) and science counsellor (2006-), as well as the dean (2009-).

He has published more than fifty scientific and professional papers, books, secondary school and university textbooks. He has been guest lecturer and has given presentations at around forty conferences in Croatia and abroad in the fields of information and communication sciences, programming, computerised text analysis and natural language processing, lexicography and encyclopaedics. In 2012, along with Petar Jandrić, he published the book Kritičko e-obrazovanje “ borba za moć i značenje u umreženom društvu (Critical e-learning: Struggle for Power and Meaning in the Network Society). He speaks English, French, German, Italian, Latin, ancient Greek, Slovenian and Macedonian.


Dubravka Crnojević Carić graduated acting from the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, and in 1989 she graduated the Croatian language and literature from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Osijek. She received her Master’s and PhD degrees from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. At the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb she holds the modules in History of Theatre and Drama; Theory of Acting; Feminist Theories and Drama Writing in Croatia; Feminist Theories and Performing Arts in Croatia; and as external associate she held lectures at the Faculty of Education in Osijek  and at Women’s Studies in Zagreb.

She gained the associate arts professor rank in 2007, and associate professor rank in 2011. She took part in scientific projects Znakovi povijesti u Hrvatskoj (Signs of History in Croatia) and Granice identiteta: Identitet i razlika (Borders of Identity: Identity and Difference). She published more than forty scientific and professional papers. She has given lectures and presentations at around thirty conferences in Croatia and abroad, and edited several proceedings. She publishes essays and critiques in journals Umjetnost riječi, Frakcija, Glumište, Kazalište, Književna revija, Književna republika, Sarajevske sveske. She is a director and coordinator for Croatia of the international project Female Voices in Performing Arts in the Western Balkans 1990-2010.From 1985 to 1992, she worked as full-time actress, first in Hrvatsko narodno kazalište Osijek (Croatian National Theatre in Osijek) and then in Kazalište Marina DrĹľića u Dubrovniku (Marin DrĹľić Theatre in Dubrovnik).

Since 1995 she has directed about fifteen theatre plays, for most of which she also wrote scripts. She published the books Gluma i identitet, 2008 (Acting and identity, 2008) and Melankolija i smijeh na hrvatskoj pozornici, 2012 (Melancholy and Laughter on Croatian Stage, 2012).