Komunikacijske vještine

Theoretical background

The World Schools debating format is popular worldwide. It is used in numerous state and regional competitions, and the biggest international competition is – The World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) – an annual tournament in the English language, wherein the participants are secondary school leavers from more than forty countries. However, the World Schools format was not intended for them only, but for all those who want to qualitatively manage the basics of debating. Depending on the level of the preknowledge of participants, the World Schools debate formats only slightly vary in different competitions.

Preparation for the practical class

You should study the available literature in the field of the World Schools debate.

Write a short review of the World Schools debate rules (approximately one A4 sheet) and bring it to the class.


For the beginning, you should consult the chapters Searching for Information and Professional Literature.

The World Schools debating format rules applied in the World Schools Debating Championships can be found here.

Video recordings of various debates held throughout the world can be found on the YouTube by entering the relevant key words.


During the practical class, analyse at least three different sources and assess their relevance before using them. In the chapter Searching for Information you should look for the ways of assessing the relevance of the sources.